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Post by TheRabid on Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:54 am

OK, this is for anyone who can draw very realistic drawings. this is not my area of expertise so i think someone should make this. Anyone here: Make a bad-ass drawing of every member of the board. base it off of the in game characters and show off some of there abilities. color it scan it in whatever you need to do to make it totally awesome.


Woken up in a cold sweat. Rubble and debris cover his body. Muscles torn and bruised, his face covered with blemishes and scars. His mind runs blank on what has happened, and why he is there. He tries to think straight, but his head takes control. His mind feeds thoughts into his soul like a parasite and he becomes psychotic. His body is filled with pain and agony, but he can't do anything to help himself. His mind tells him to kill, and feast off the blood of others. He lives his life suffering more torture then you will ever feel. You ask who this man in pain is? You can just call him Rabid.
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